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Jessica Ditzel, who was born in 1975, was a mother to one kid when she first met Rogan in 2001. Ditzel, though, had already donned a number of caps. She started modelling after earning her undergraduate degree. She entered into a deal with M Model Management, but for whatever reason, she was unable to launch a successful modelling career. Jessica Ditzel started working as a cocktail waitress after that, which is how she first met Rogan. Jessica Ditzel had already had a rather full life before Joe Rogan entered her life.


While Ditzel was a waitress, the two fell in love. They started dating soon after meeting each other. For the next eight years, Jessica Ditzel remained Joe Rogan‘s girlfriend and supported him as he rose through the ranks of the UFC, developed his short film career (Venus & Vegas, Zookeeper, and Here Comes the Boom), and saw the rise of his podcast from nothing to one of the most popular on the planet.

The husband of Jessica Ditzel has a lucrative profession performing stand-up comedy. Rogan has continued to express his divisive opinions as a comic, frequently doing so on his podcasts as well.

Jessica Ditzel Profession

Rogan and Ditzel both have a long resume. When she first met Joe, she was a model and a waitress. She currently works as a model for numerous agencies in addition to producing TV. Ditzel is more well-known in the industry as a TV producer than just Joe Rogan’s spouse.

Jessica Ditzel FAQ

Q. When did Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel marry?

Rogan and Ditzel married in 2009 after dating for over a decade. They have managed to keep their family happy.

Q. How many kids do Joe Rogan and his wife have?

They have three daughters. Kayja, Lola, and Rosy. Rogan’s biological daughters are Lola and Rosy, while Jessica’s daughter from a prior relationship is Kayja.

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