“Capitalism does not permit an even flow of economic resources. With this system, a small privileged few are rich beyond conscience, and almost all others are doomed to be poor at some level. That’s the way the system works. And since we know that the system will not change the rules, we are going to have to change the system.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

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I’m writing this testimony to say Willie Tubbs is an awesome book writer and speaking. I found his outline to be simple to follow. He was very helpful with explaining how and why. His teachings is relatable and helpful when he break it down in acronyms. No one will be disappointed on his outline of writing their book. Look forward to following him and his teachings.

Going through 4:39 Book Writing Course has helped me realize how important it is leave my story. Willie, gave me a clear cut direction on how to share my story with others. This is a book writing course everyone in the world should attend, because everyone has a story to tell.


Yesterday, my daughter found her Baby book. I was the age she is now when I had her. In the back of the book I had written a letter of advice to her. As I read the words yesterday, it brought tears of joy to my eyes because I was able to see how the advice I gave her way back then, is still valid and relevant today. I have not changed my beliefs when it comes to following God from the time I was 24 years old. It reminded me of you and your “Why” for your students to become authors. So that our great great grand children will know our name and what we stand for. I had completely forgotten about writing the words in my daughters baby book. But it was such a blessing to see what I wrote to her way back then is still what I stand firm on today. Thank you Mr. Tubbs for being an awesome coach!

Reset your Economy, by Mr. Willie Tubbs is a powerful read for any entrepreneur, business person or just anyone trying to find purpose and meaning in life! When I first completed the book, I immediately wanted to read it again and again. The book is very encouraging and inspiring. It is filled with powerful principles, key concepts, biblical truths and strategy. My favorite key concepts given are ” We are all created to solve a problem.” Also ” Love is the currency of the kingdom”. Lastly, ” if you want to change the world, change a person’s economy.” As you read this book, you will shift, your thinking will shift, you will begin to “Reset your Economy” by love, with purpose, as you embrace your Economy, the Economy of the Kingdom of God ” .
Minister Michelle R. Jackson

When I first heard of Mr. Willie Tubbs I saw his picture and had doubt that it was worth the investment of my attention since he was introduced thru a class I had taken. I thought he was just gonna be doing a lot of unneeded talking. Well at the first few sentences he spoke I was proven wrong and then it was totally all antennas open and ready to reception of more of his great words he shared. He is now helping me write my first book. I am not just in a dreamland with a book inside my belly but it is intentional and it must be completed for me to be complete. I am yet achieving the task of putting that book into reality because of the encouragement and mentorship from Mr. Tubbs. He has caused the baby to leap in me so I too will become a Best Selling Author as I continue to watch, listen, learn and grow into who I am and let the light shine thru me in a book and so forth. I cant tell you how much this has impacted me even though it is a process. I believe I can since meeting Mr. Tubbs. He has awesome content, he gives in aiding in achievement, and leaving a legacy. Thanks Mr. Tubbs, Grateful to have met you.

Willie Tubbs told me he would work with me to write my book until the finish. I knew then he was a God send! This meant so much to me. He motivates me. He helps me stay engaged to tell my story. I’m learning new ways to tell a story. He is my biggest cheerleader.(so he says). haha. It’s really like having your very own fan club. Through his passion, encouragement, and Willie’s infectious smile, I feel a lot of support. I’m glad to work with Mr. Willie Tubbs.